Women Empowerment Success Story in Sri Lanka – N. Yogeswary


women empowerment sri lanka
Yogeswary on her thriving farm.

Mrs. Yogeswary 33 years of age was the ninth child in a family and was married to one Mr. Navaneethan. Her father Mr.Sumbramaniyam was in charge of the village temple attending to the daily pooja; in addition he was doing cultivation.  Mr.Navaneethan too was doing cultivation.

Yogeswary though married as a single unit of family had to look after her old mother and two sisters who are born blind. Owing to the war two brothers of Yogeswary had died this brought about a sense for love among members in the family. Two other brother s of Yogeswary had been living as separate households with their wives and children; they too had sufferings of the war and were poverty stricken. Before outbreak of the war they led happy and contended lives; all the six (06) other children remained as pillars of the family withstanding difficulties.

The displacements created by war made their lives more miserable; she lost her father apart from the death of two brothers, other members had to go elsewhere for safety and security, thus they were separated. Poverty together with exhaustion had made their life so difficult and ultimately in 2011 they had come to their village and resettled.

O their surprise they saw their lands covered with jungle and found very difficult to identify their lands and fields. With the assistance of other families their lands had been located; initially they put up a very temporary shelter at a cleared spot of the land and started living. Little by little utilizing their own labour they cleared the lands. At that time they along with some other needy families on the village were able to get temporary shelters from an NGO; however their livelihood needs remain unattended.

Yogeswary who happened to have contacts with the RWF narrated her plight living with the meager income earned by her husband by way of casual unskilled labour looking after her old mother and two blind sisters.

Field team of the RWF visited her at her house and made an assessment.  She had a well and cultivable land that had been long neglected. They looked needing improvements and repairs. RWF involved her in training on sustainable livelihoods that kindled her awareness. With the assistance of her relatives she had the well renovated and the lands prepared for cultivation.

RWF took Yogeswary as a beneficiary under an interest free credit program as funded by Tech Outreach Malaysia and paid a credit assistance of Rs.35, 000.00 with which she cultivated the land; now she gets a regular income by means of cultivation. It gives hopes and encouragement to Yogeswary for pursuing life with confidence and also attending to the needs of the two blind sisters. Also he relieved a portion of the burden of her husband in terms of finance to support the family in its needs. She thanks RWF and the Tech Outreach Malaysia for the timely assistance and guidance given.

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