TECH Outreach has collaborated with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to serve communities irrespective of race, religion, colour, belief and location. TECH’s first milestone was when it collaborated with UNDP Sri Lanka in providing entrepreneurship training to women entrepreneurs in the North East of Sri Lanka from 2003 to 2005.

TECH also worked closely with the Centre for Women’s Development and Rehabilitation (CWDR) in North East Sri Lanka from 2003 to 2005 in helping to rehabilitate women who had lost their husbands and families due to war by helping them initiate entrepreneurial ventures.

In the year 2009 and 2010 the significant partnership between TECH Outreach with UNHCR in Malaysia has set the pathways for community restructuring, organization and self sustainability through the entrepreneurship development for UNHCR Refugee in Malaysia.

The efforts may seem miniscule in numbers for an organization of six (6) years, but it reflects TECH’s commitment to reach out to disadvantaged communities.

TECH Outreach is receiving funds via the UNHCR Livelihood Fund to sustain UNHCR Refugees from the Sri Lankan, Somali, Afghan, Myanmar Muslim and Rohingya Communities in Malaysia. This collaboration began in November 2009 and has disbursed RM 55,000 to 35 UNHCR Refugee Women to help them initiate small business ventures.

Single Mothers in Klang
This initiative is to provide training and funding for single mothers in Klang to begin their own businesses. Built along the Grameen Business Model similar to TECH Outreach’s initiative with UNHCR, TECH Outreach is working with the Offices of the Klang Member of Parliament to identify the recipients who will be Malaysian citizens.

City & Guild
TECH Outreach is working with City and Guild, an organization that offers training in the hotel industry, to provide their services to the UNHCR refugees. Participants who qualify to attend the training and successfully complete it will then have the skill set to work in the hotel industry. TECH Outreach is facilitating the discussions between City & Guild and UNHCR to identify suitable refugees for this training.

Single Mothers in Petaling Jaya
Similar to the Single Mothers in Klang initiative, TECH Outreach is working with the Divine Society of the Sri Nimishananda Organization to identify local recipients who meet our selection criteria for business funding using the Grameen Model.

TECH Outreach has initiated discussions with Befrienders and UNHCR to offer counseling services to refugees in 2 languages, namely Tamil and Malay. The communities who will benefit from this are Sri Lankan and Myanmar Refugees.

Grooming Classes
This initiative is with Malaysia Airlines’ Training Department. The purpose is to provide lessons and tips to the UNHCR Refugee Women on how to improve their grooming skills when in public. It is expected that with the skills learnt from this workshop, they will be more confident in themselves and this will translate into better business skills.

Art of Living
TECH Outreach is working with the Art of Living Society to provide yoga and meditation techniques to help rejuvenate individuals. It is hoped that the techniques learnt will help the refugees live a more balanced and “wholesome” life.

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