Successful women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka

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When you hear of entrepreneurs, what image comes to your mind?

You’re brain probably conjures up an image of a 20-something fresh out of college or college drop-out, who sits in a garage or at his desk and creates some earth transforming business.

You’re mind wouldn’t be able to comprehend a woman like the one above as an entrepreneur.

TECH Outreach has been working with it’s partner in Sri Lanka (Rural Woman’s Forum) for many years now and have gathered a list of success stories that will stun you.

There are 58 women in this list of successful woman entrepreneurs. Who says women can’t be breadwinners.

They range from 24 to 66 years of age. Age is not a determinant of success.

The categories these women are engaged in are:

  • fishing
  • cattle rearing
  • dried fish processing
  • agriculture
  • poultry rearing
  • sundry shop operations
  • sewing services
  • food wholesaling
  • coconut wholesaling
  • farming
  • plack gram and peanut farming
  • goat rearing

Here is the biggest shocker – the profit each entrepreneur makes on a monthly basis reaches up to 88%!

Don’t you think these should be turned into Harvard case studies?

Click here to download and get introduced to these amazing 58 women.

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