Sri Lanka Student Case Study

sri lanka student sponsored tech outreach
Krishanthan was sponsored by TECH Outreach

P. Krishanthan is a 23-year old Sri Lankan from Vavunia.

He lost his father in 1999 and was brought up by his mother, P. Kokilarani. He has one brother who’s 20 years old and a sister who’s 17 years. His brother, Niruban completed his A Level examinations in 2013 and is waiting to commence his tertiary education. His sister, Kajenthika is 17 and will taking her A Level exams in 2015.

Krishanthan’s mother became the bread winner of the family after the death of his father. She took up two jobs to sustain her family. She worked as an attendant and a house servant. She earned about USD60 a month.

Krishanthan completed his A Levels in 2008 and got a district 1st rank with 3A passes. His first love was to become a lawyer but his dreams were dashed as he was forced to do a BA Geography at the University of Colombo, due to financial constraints and bad advise from certain parties. He commenced his studies in 2009.

Krishanthan also took up some odd jobs like data entry and typing. He also offers some tuition classes to supplement his mother’s income, so he could pay for room rental, stationary and clothes.

Everyday, while studying Geography at the University of Colombo, he was dreaming about doing Law. One day he took the brave step of manifesting his dream and he took the Sri Lanka Law College entrance exam. This was 2012.

He passed the entrance exam and was offered a place.

Hence he had a dilemma. He was doing two bachelor degrees concurrently – Geography Final Year and Law First Year. As attendance for classes for both courses were compulsory, he had to drop the Law School while completing his degree in Geography.

Once he completed his BA Geography exams, he resumed his Law degree and had to start from the beginning.

Such is Krishanthan dedication to Law that he was willing to sacrifice so much in order to live his dream of becoming a lawyer.

We at TECH Outreach wish him all the success in his endeavours.

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