Nitharshini cafe
Nitharshini, the UNHCR refugee who runs a Sri Lankan catering service.

Nitharshini is a Sri Lankan with a UNHCR refugee status in Malaysia.

She was the very first person in TECH Outreach’s Women In Need programme and was given a loan of MYR1,000. With this loan that she received on 10 March 2010, she has grown her business into a successful enterprise. She is TECH’s most successful entrepreneur.

She’s the proof that anyone with the desire and discipline to become successful can be an entrepreneur who doesn’t need hand outs.

She used to run a cafe in Brickfields serving Sri Lankan cuisine. In 2015, Nitharshini was awarded Resettlement Status in Paris, France, and today runs a very successful Sri Lankan Cafe in Paris.She also operates a catering service.

Among the products that Nitharshini specializes in are:

Sri Lankan tea powder

Maasi sambol bottle

maasi chips

tin fish without sauce

korukka puli

Besides these, she also prepares cakes and pastries for birthdays and other occasions.

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